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Our People

Andrea Norquay - Founder/CEO

Why I started Nadaré Co.

"I have always loved jewelry and the confidence it brings, which is why I wanted to create a brand that was accessible to anyone, no matter what their budget is. I truly believe that luxury doesn't need to come at a high price tag and everyone should have the opportunity to look and feel confident. I have personally put our pieces to the test and am proud of the collection I have created. We are so excited that you're here and can't wait to share our journey with you!"

The Other Women Behind Nadaré Co.

Kiana Moroz

Fulfillment Manager

Kiana is Andrea's best friend and right hand woman! She stepped in to help Andrea after she moved overseas, and is the face behind every order packed! When she isn't packing your orders and managing things in Calgary, she can be found hanging out with her puppy, Lando, on the couch, or enjoying a cold one on a patio.

Alyssa Hanke


Alyssa is our girl behind the camera! She has a passion for photographing people and aims to showcase diversity, normalize bodies, and uplift minority voices. When Alyssa isn't taking photos, you can find her enjoying nature and spending time with her boyfriend. View more of Alyssa's website here!

Gabrielle Giltner

Social Media Manager

Gabi is our manager and content creator for our Instagram and Pinterest pages! When she isn't working on building her own social media agency, Aidëm Social, she enjoys travel, reading, and is an avid skincare enthusiast. Want to see more of Gabi's work? Click here.


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