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Product care guide

Jewelry & Claw Clips

jewelry care

So you just received your new jewels, now what? Don't stress, we made sure we curated pieces that would be easy to take care of!

stainless steel

All of our jewelry is crafted using stainless steel. Our gold pieces are plated using a method named PVD - Physical Vapour Deposition.

Think of PVD as the ultimate bonding spell between metal and gold. This means your jewelry is up for anything – swimming, sweating, lotioning – you name it! While the gold's shine might mellow over time, fading isn't invited to this party.

Quick tip: Rings are like the wild cards here and are prone to scratches. Treat them gently to keep the plating looking new.


Treat your pearls like VIPs. Remember: "last on, first off." They love a grand entrance and exit. Shield them from sprays, lotions, and makeup – they're the sensitive type.

Give 'em their own space in their special bag; no sharing with rowdy jewelry. Pearls deserve a scratch-free zone.

Surprise! They're water-friendly – showers and swims are their jam. Just keep an eye on their strand – too much fun might loosen their threads.

Where to Store Your pieces

When it comes to storing your jewelry, aim for a cool and dry environment. Utilize the provided Nadaré Co. pouches or dedicate a separate section in your jewelry box. This thoughtful approach prevents scratches and helps maintain the brilliance of your pieces.

stil have questions?

claw clip care


Cellulose Acetate is more heat-sensitive material than traditional plastic. Therefore, we recommend avoiding direct exposure to heat for elongated periods of time (ie. the sun, your blow dryer, etc) as it could cause extended stretch in the prongs and result in a more loose grip on your hair. 

Notice the prongs of your clip starting to loosen due to heat? Soak your clip in warm water (44C/110F Max) for 5 to 10 minutes.


Our clips are fully waterproof! Just watch out for the metal spring as it may rust if left in a wet environment for long period of time.