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Jewelry Care Guide

So you just received your new jewels, now what? Don't stress, we made sure we curated pieces that would be easy to take care of! Not sure what your new pieces are made with? You can find this information under the "Materials" tab of our product pages.

How to care for:

Stainless Steel

You can confidently wear your new stainless steel pieces while swimming, showering, working out, applying lotion, you name it! The color of the gold may darken over time, but it will not fade. Please note that rings are an exception to this, while you can wear them during all of these tasks, be mindful of how you are using your hands as scratches can cause the gold plating to wear off over time. 

This all being said, we still recommend limiting exposure to the activities stated above as much as possible. This will help to prolong the life and shine of your new pieces. 

How to care for:

Sterling Silver

Purchased a sterling silver piece? Proper care of these pieces is absolutely necessary. We do not recommend swimming, showering or bathing in our sterling silver pieces. Avoid contact with lotions, perfumes or other chemicals and do not sleep with these pieces on. This is especially important for our gold-plated sterling silver pieces, which are more prone to oxidation and tarnishing. 

How to care for:


Make sure to follow the general rule of "last on, first off". This means that you should put them on last when getting ready and take them off first when disrobing. This will minimize exposure to chemicals, perfumes, makeup and surface scratches or damage. Be sure to remove your pearls before applying lotions or sprays. Keep your new pearls in the bag provided and DO NOT store it with any other pieces to avoid scratching or damaging the surface of the pearls.

Where to Store Your pieces

We always recommend storing your pieces in a cool and dry spot. Keep your pieces in the Nadaré Co. pouches provided, or in a separate compartment of your jewelry box. This will minimize scratching and help prolong the luster of your pieces.

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