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size your watch strap & apply your cover

Watch Strap instructions

So, you've got your hands on one of our new watch bands, but it doesn't fit. Now what? Follow the instructions below for for a quick and painless process!

Pin Watch Bands

Styles: Alice, Rachel, Willa, Cameron, Freya, Dylan, Elliot & Tatum

Step 1

Place the strap on the device. Align the strap so that the pin on the device is aligned to the pin on the watch. Make sure to follow the direction of the arrows. Begin twisting the device.


Once you've twisted the device enough, remove the pin completely. You will need to remove at least 2 pins to remove your first link. Repeat these steps until you have removed the desired amount of links.

step 3

Once the links are removed, push the pin back into the strap in the opposite direction of the arrows (from the side it came out). Double check that the widest part of the pin goes in last, otherwise the pin will not insert correctly.

Repeat as necessary to find your perfect fit.

Latch Watch Bands

Styles: Logan, Rain, Harper & Clarice

step 1

A tool is not required to adjust these styles. All links are removable by simply unlatching the clip and removing the desired amount of links. This is also how you will put on and remove your watch.

Having trouble?

Don't sweat it! Reach out and we'll walk you through every step.

Watch Cover Instructions

Before beginning, please make sure you have ordered the correct size for your watch face. Click here to watch our how to video.

Step 1

Detach your Apple Watch from your band and wipe it down completely with the wipe provided. Clean the entire face and then allow to dry completely.

Step 2

Before removing the paper adhesive covers, use your thumb to rub and press down on each strip. This will warm up the adhesive and also ensure it is stuck firmly to the cover.

Step 3

Remove paper adhesive covers on all 4 sides and line up the cover with your watch face. Make sure it is lined up properly on every side.

Step 4

Firmly press down on the cover to adhere to your watch face, making sure to push down all sides. Press firmly on each side for at least 15 seconds each side.

Step 5

Wait at least 8 hours before wearing your watch to allow the cover to set. Please note that we strongly recommend removing your watch before showering/bathing/swimming as these activities may break down the glue more rapidly.