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The Top Jewelry Styling Tips

Layer necklaces and bracelets

Let's start with something fun and exciting! When you are putting an outfit together and you notice that there is room to add some bling, it can be a good idea to layer your necklaces or bangles.

2. Combine metals

Try mixing metals when styling your jewelry if you want to try something new. You should try combining different bracelets, rings, and bangles with different colored metals until you find the right fit. Try wearing one combined piece (a necklace or bracelet with multiple metals in it) to start so that the mixing is done for you. If you're just starting out, look for a store that has a sale on rings or a discount on bracelets.

3. Add a pop of color with earrings

A great way to style your jewelry is to add some earrings for a pop of color. A pair of earrings can really make an outfit pop with minimal effort. Consider how different colors can complement your skin tone and make your outfits pop when choosing earrings to add to your collection. 


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