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Show Off Your Earrings With These Tips

ou Should Match Your Bone Structure

For women with small, fine bones, Swarovski crystal earrings in delicate styles will complement their beauty. Huge, chunky styles overpower those with finer features and shapes. The bigger and more opulent style of Swarovski crystal earrings is suited for those with large features and strong bones. A medium bone structure will benefit from neither delicate nor overly-large styles. Choose medium-length drop styles or mid-sized studs.

Choose Earrings That Fit Your Face

You can determine just how much your earrings will flatter your face and attract the right kind of attention based on the shape of your face. Wearing the right baubles can make all the difference in your appearance. Following are some of the most common face shapes and suggestions for the right kind of earrings.

When it's too much, you'll know

When you're trying out new ways to style pieces together, it's easy to go overboard with jewelry. Avoid this mistake at all costs! Be sure to check your entire outfit in a mirror before you leave to make sure you aren't overdoing the bling. Your jewelry should be a complement to your outfit, not the focal point. Don't wear anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, and always wear what makes you feel the most confident. Jewelry that makes you feel good will show!


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